Health tracking redefined

Track your gut health, heart health, fitness and more, with the most advanced bidet seat ever created.

Turn gut instincts into insights.

With daily analysis of your waste, and a smart food diary, the Çava Seat™ can help you understand the cause of your gut imbalance, identify food intolerances, and make diet recommendations to help you feel your best.

Listen to your body.

Are you drinking enough water? Losing the right kind of weight? Building muscle mass? Track your body’s composition and important vitals to answer these questions and more.

At the heart of you.

The Çava Seat™ is the most comprehensive at-home heart monitoring system ever built. From Resting Heart Rate, ECG to Blood Pressure, tracking your ticker’s health has never been so easy.
Çava App
With real-time data

Access all of your personal health data synced with other devices, input diet and food intolerances, set goals and track progress, and be alerted for when things look off. Private and secure, always.

The next-level bathroom experience.

Bidets are scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative to toilet paper. The Çava Seat™ provides a touch-free and fully-automated experience that will forever change your daily routine.

Preventative health built for you.

Day-to-day health monitoring is the key to shifting from a reactive healthcare system to preventive health. Çava is on a mission to bring affordable, non-invasive solutions to everyone and make personal health monitoring part of everyday life.