Pre-order customers can lock in an introductory price of $345 by paying $50 now, a $150 savings off of the $495 MSRP! The $50 value of the pre-order will be applied to the introductory price, leaving a remaining balance of $295.

The Çava Seat will fit all standard toilets, either round or elongated versions. To know which toilet seat you have check out our toilet seat sizing guide.

Very easy! The Çava Seat will take under 10 minutes to install. Simply remove your old toilet seat, screw in the Çava Seat, and hook up to water and electricity. Hardware, water splitter and power cord included.

All pre-order customers are invited to join the Beta group, and help define the future of smart health devices with Çava!


The Çava Seat will begin shipping starting in September 2022. Until then we will have some Beta units available for people who want to participate in our research and development. Click here to learn more and join the Beta group!

At this stage the Çava Seat will only be available within the United States.


Yes, we believe you’ll enjoy the Çava Seat so much you won’t want to return it but just in case we offer a 30-day full money back guarantee. Internal components will be sterilized and reused while external pieces will be recycled.