Why “Çava”?

“Ça va?”, pronounced [sah - vah], in French means “How are you?”. A simple question but not always an easy answer. How often do we really know how we’re doing on the inside? Our bodies tell us we're not doing well when we feel pain but most health conditions start developing days, months, and sometimes years prior.

Today, we have the capacity for early detection of more diseases and illnesses than ever before, but, global access to preventive healthcare remains expensive and mostly available at point-of-care. We need to fix this.

Our mission

At Çava we want to give everyone a chance to have an accurate answer to that simple question: “How are you doing today?”. So we strive to build affordable solutions to help people monitor their health passively, enabling the detection of changes in metabolic functions at their onset while it’s still easy to fix them, and ultimately contributing to living longer and healthier lives.

We believe the future of healthcare lies in a personalized, data-driven preventive system and we are building the foundations of this future today. By taking advantage of daily bathroom visits, the Çava SeatTM guarantees the most consistent and accurate health data capture of all other consumer health devices on the market without requiring any changes in user behavior. most consistent opportunities for personal check-ups. The Çava seat is fun, smart, affordable and compatible with every standard toilet. And it will keep you clean!


Jaehoon Choe PhD | Head of R&D & Data science

James Vanderpant | Head of Hardware Design & Engineering

Jean-Baptiste Duprieu | Founder & CEO

Liam Bossi | Head of Operations

Lina Colucci MD, PhD | Head of Medical Research

Sidney Primas | Lead Biosensor Engineer

Vince Sigismondo | Head of Product & Growth